Reciting Quran

Quran is the Divine word and within it carries the secrets of both this world and the world hereafter. For a Muslim it is mandatory as well as a moral obligation to learn Quran so that he or she is able to understand the instructions of God and live life accordingly. One must take some time out of daily life to learn this Holy Book. At our School we cordially welcome you to initiate this noble deed and see it fulfilled in the best way possible with our "Live Quran Tutor" program.


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Online Quran Reading Course

Beyan ul Quran ,Quran Reading Course is the first step towards Quran Learning. This is beginner Level course which is meant for children and adults who are starting to read Quran for the first time. In this course, students are taught basic Arabic alphabets, their pronunciation and how to join them to form a word. At the end of this course, the student will be able to read Quran on their own.


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Our Teaching Approach

We take following steps to teach Live Quran Reading: Student sign in on Skype at the decided time Quran Tutor uses different resources like PDF documents and file sharing to teach Quran. Beyan ul Quran gives daily lesson to students based on the students’ understanding. The students are taught to recognize Arabic alphabets and their pronunciation. Then Arabic symbols and joining of alphabets is taught.

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“I have grown up in The US and as a Muslim kid I always felt that I wasn’t able to get adequate Islamic knowledge. So as my kids were growing up I was very particular about giving them complete knowledge about Muslim religion. In search of the best resources, I came across Beyanulquran.com. I registered with them and took the trial classes. I was very happy with their service and way of teaching. Now both my kids are QuranTutor students. It is definitely one of the best Online Quran reading services available. Keep up the good work!